Business Development Tips
Hindsight is 20-20; So Use It To Your Advantage
May 06, 2010 Posted by Justin at  May 06, 2010.  0 comments

Do you want to impress the partner you’re working for and win your client’s affections? I know you do; I would give my left pinky toe to get a glowing review from a partner who celebrates birthdays more than he/she compliments associates.
Business Development Checklist for Junior Associates
May 06, 2010 Posted by Justin at  May 06, 2010.  1 comments

Fall is approaching, the bar exam is underway and a brand new class of associates is about to start at firms all over the country. Business development is a skill you must focus on and master as early as possible in your career.
To Settle or Not to Settle
June 13, 2010 Posted by Justin at  Jun 13, 2010.  0 comments

I am a big proponent of settling cases and find that settlement is often more advantageous than long drawn out litigation even in strong cases where I know I can prevail.   Whether to accept a settlement offer can be a difficult decision and depends on the procedural posture of the case, the amount of the offer, and the strength of the plaintiff's case.   Usually, a defendant's initial offer reflects what the defense attorneys believe it will cost to defend the case.  Rather than pay their attorneys to defendant chase, the defendants in a rational world should be indifferent to paying them or paying the plaintiff's this cost as they will end up paying the amount either way.   
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